When you're not sure what size you need, the best option to do is measure and use the product description to find the best size suitable.

We have three sizing systems, Climbing Critters, Standard Animal, and Standard Human.

Animals are listed in the smallest size category that can
accommodate the typical sizing of each species of animal.
Climbing Critters: 

Dwarf hamsters

Syrians, Fancy, and Teddy sizes

Small Critters
Rats, Sugar Gliders

Medium Critters
Ferrets, Chinchillas

Large Critters
Honey Bears, Koalas  (please double check size and opening size needed)
Standard Animal Sizing:

Rats, Sugar Gliders, Hedge Hogs

Medium / Full Size / Standard Size
Guinea Pig

2 Guinea Pigs, 1 Cuy, tea cup dog, ferret, chinchilla

Ferrets, chinchilla, small to medium cat, miniature dog, dwarf rabbit

Large cat, small dog, adult rabbit (including most Loops), chicken

Medium to large dogs, capybara

Barnyard 1
Large and giant dogs, sheep, pigs, up to 200 lbs as general size
Horse Blankets will be placed in this size category

Barnyard 2
we'll have to talk !
Standard Human Sizing:

same as found in stores

Jerzee is our prefered brand of choice, however other national brands are also used.
WindeSpirit(& Paw Crew)
Sewing 4 A Cause
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